SeaBird looking to buy two seismic vessels

SeaBird Exploration is negotiating a deal with BOA SBL for the seismic vessels BOA Galatea and BOA Thalassa.

Apr 18th, 2019

Offshore staff

LIMASSOL, CyprusSeaBird Exploration is negotiating a deal with BOA SBL for the seismic vesselsBOA Galatea and BOA Thalassa.

Both are designed for source and 2D operations and for electromagnetic seabed logging. TheBOA Thalassa is currently performing EM duty for EMGS until September 2019, with three six-month extension options.

To finance the proposed NOK185-million ($21.7-million) transaction, and an upgrade of theBOA Galatea to high-end 2D/source capability, SeaBird is considering a private shares placement that could raise up to NOK250 million ($29.3 million).

TheBOA Galatea and BOA Thalassa were built in 2008 and 2009, respectively at a Norwegian yard.

Hans Petter Klohs, SeaBird’s CEO, said: “As a consequence of increased demand in all our regions, we have had to turn down work in the first quarter of 2019 due to scheduling conflicts. To be able to pursue a strong and diversified pipeline of contract leads in all segments, we have been evaluating several attractive opportunities for vessel capacity expansion.”


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