Schlumberger introduces modular multi-zone production management system

Schlumberger has launched its IntelliZone Compact multi-zone management system.

Offshore staff

HOUSTON – Schlumberger has launched its IntelliZone Compact multi-zone management system. The system integrates modular components into a single unit to optimize production and minimize time to deployment, said Schlumberger.

The system can be installed in up to 15 zones using five hydraulic control lines. A software-controlled automatic power unit allows multiple zones to be controlled simultaneously in real time to increase selective well control capabilities.

Installation complexity and cost are reduced through the hydraulic multi-drop module that allows for flow control valves to be deployed on fewer hydraulic control lines than with traditional systems, said Schlumberger. The IntelliZone Compact dual-gauge station provides annulus and tubing pressure and temperature measurements as well as the absolute position of the flow control valve choke.

“The streamlined process of design through assembly reduces time to deployment from the typical eight to 10 months required for conventional intelligent completions to only eight to 10 weeks,” said Mike Garding, president, Schlumberger Completions.

“The compact length and integrated assembly of the IntelliZone Compact system makes it easier, faster and safer to deploy. This fully integrated intelligent completions system will encourage more operators to deploy intelligent completions technology.”


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