HEAVY LIFTS: Upgrade under way for 10,000-ton lifts

Rigging Management Systems (RMS) is an expert when it comes to lifting of heavy indivisible loads.

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Th 6107osrigg
The lifting of large Spar segments is becoming a major part of RMS's business. Rigging Management Systems is responsible for engineering, supervision, and lift equipment.
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Rigging Management Systems (RMS) is an expert when it comes to lifting of heavy indivisible loads. Using a modular jacking system, steel decks are loaded aboard semisubmersibles, modules are attached to oil rig decks, and other types of heavy lifts can be accomplished.

The system includes a series of masts used to support the body to be lifted, hydraulic jacks synchronized to lift as one unit, and support pins (also known as bullets) in one-meter lengths that are inserted one after the other to complete the desired height. The system is always in compression and maintained in vertical alignment. Each mast is extendable in six-meter segments so really high lifts will not pose any problems.

Higher capacity

The current system uses 190-mm diameter pins, which are good for up to 400 tons per pin or 800 tons per mast. The need for a larger capacity system is growing, so RMS is working to develop new lifting pins that can support 600 tons per pin and 1,200 tons per mast.

This will require new materials for the pins. When fully developed, this added capacity will be enough to lift the largest of the new semisubmersible decks. It will also permit larger modules to be lifted into place for new platforms and vessels as well. Heavier lifts add flexibility and cost savings to the construction process.

RMS has been very active in recent years performing 55 lifts of major equipment. Petrochemical equipment was a significant part of its work for many years, but since 1996, heavy lifts involving Spar segments for the offshore oil industry have become more common.

RMS was involved in at least five major Spar projects: Genesis, Diana, Nansen, Boomvang and Horn Mountain. Most recently the company provided the lift of the drilling module for the semisubmersible Stena Don, a 2,000-ton lift in December 2000. Both Kvaerner and Aker have called on RMS to help them with major construction lifts. Lifts of this nature usually involve 4-8 weeks onsite during equipment construction.

For more information, contact Jan-Erik Andersson, Rigging Manage-ment Systems: Tel: +46 500 43 70 70, Fax: +46 500 43 67 40, E-mail: jan.erik@rigging-rms.com.

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