Flux-cored wires

Tri-Mark has introduced a new catalog featuring 34 different flux-cored products for welding carbon and low-alloy steels in addition to special formulations.

Tri-Mark® (Troy, Ohio) has introduced a new catalog featuring 34 different flux-cored products for welding carbon and low-alloy steels in addition to special formulations. Flux-cored wires may be used for applications in the shipbuilding, infrastructure construction, offshore oil, and heavy equipment industries as well as mass production metal fabrication.

Report released

American Concrete Institute (Farmington Hills, Michigan)announces a new document (229R-99) - Controlled Low-Strength Materials (CLSM) is now available. CLSM is a self-compacted, cementitious material used primarily as a backfill in place of compacted fill. The report contains information on applications, material properties, mix proportioning, construction, and quality procedures. The report also describes the distinctive properties and mixing procedures for low density (LD) CLSM.


Vortex Ventures (Houston) has developed a new patented hydrocyclone for separating drill solids from drilling fluids. The Spintoptrademark hydrocyclone includes four features: involute feed, providing a transition from pressure energy to rotational momentum; bell-shaped Vortex finder, allowing an increase in acceleration to the rotating fluid at critical moments; a solid center core, attached to the entrance to the Vortex Finder Tube, provides flow stability between the primary and secondary vortices; and, a parabolic-shaped body, providing a more gentle slope from the cylindrical section to the apex orifice.

Flow conditioner

Savant Measurement (Houston) introduces the GFC System I VAS, a flow conditioner designed to reduce installation costs for custody transfer metering equipment. The GFC contains an anti-swirl and profile device in-line to isolate flowmeters from flow disturbances.

Sewage treatment

Exceltec International (Sugar Land, Texas) releases OmniPuretrademark 15MX Process Module for Marine Sewage Treatment. The newly designed process module treats the black water effluent of 500 people from a skid that is only 30 in. wide and 64 in. long.


Dalmine, Siderca, and Tamsa (Buenos Aires) has published a new brochure detailing its connections product line. The Premium Connections brochure includes product specifications of the company's AntaresRegistered and Atlas BradfordRegistered product lines. The SEC, Hunting Interlock, and NKK premium joints, as well as DST's related products and services such as accessories, running and repair services, and procurement are also highlighted.

Tension calibrator

DynaTension Resources (Houston) introduces the DynaTension M2000. The unit vibrates cables and measures its natural frequency. Tension is computed in the hoist line by applying the "vibrating string equation." A non-contact sensor is used to reproduce the frequency of the cable vibrations.

Cartridge filter

Greig Filters (Lafayette) designed, manufactured, and placed in service its latest cartridge filter unit, the GFI Model T CFH 6P 65/36 150 S4 PECO. The pipeline filter is a triple cartridge filter housing on a skid with a footprint of 8 ft by 10 ft. The unit accommodates Peco style filter elements and is equipped to handle high flow rates up to 75 BPM with an 8-in. header.

Safety valve brochure

Baker Oil Tools (Houston) has issued a 12-page brochure describing the function, operation, and features and benefits of the company's SelecTtrademark Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve. Diagrams, charts, cutaway schematic drawings, and Baker's safety performance rating envelope are used to illustrate how the SelecT addresses the challenges that safety valves set in the upper section of the wellbore.


Swaco (Houston), a division of M-I, announces the commercial introduction of the Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker (BEM-3) for separation of drilling fluids from drill cuttings.

Satellite services

GMPCS Personal Communications (Pompano Beach, Florida) introduced its new line of mobile satellite service and equipment to provide remote travelers and field personnel with ISDN functionality. The service, called "Global Area Network" (GAN) utilizes 3 basic components: geostationary Inmarsat-3 satellites, ground-based gateway, and a satellite unit with ISDN interface. GMPCS features the GAN with the introduction of the NERA WorldCommunicator, a portable ISDN transmitter and the global gateway facilities of France Telecom.

Satellite series

Motorola (Houston) released its Marine Application brochure and Satellite Series products. Motorola products such as its 9500 portable phone, 9570 portable dock, and 9501 pager are illustrated. The Motorola Satellite Seriestrademark products and the IridiumRegistered system offer customized packages of satellite services.

Protocol gases

Scott Specialty Gases introduces the certified calibration gases with NOX concentrations low enough to be used as low NOX EPA protocols. Scott's Low NO(X) EPA Protocol Gases feature NIST tracebility and adhere to EPA requirements regarding analysis.

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