Dresser-Rand opens new training facility in Houston

Dresser-Rand has opened a new 8,700-sq ft (808-sq m) facility in Houston.

Offshore staff

HOUSTON – Dresser-Rand has opened a new 8,700-sq ft (808-sq m) facility in Houston.

The company used LEAN methodology in the design of the training facility, which features slip-resistant epoxy flooring for safety, a permanently placed 15-ton overhead bridge crane, and two half ton jib cranes to expedite the movement of equipment and help with the dissembling and reassembling of parts for hands-on training.

Mark Jones, training manager at Dresser-Rand, said: “This facility significantly increases the amount of space we have to work with and expedites the time it takes to run the training sessions, making it possible for us to train more of our employees as well as our clients each year. In fact, this facility allows us to increase our training hours for employees by as much as 22,000 hours a year.”

The programs offered can be any combination of hands-on training, classroom-focused teaching or even web-based courses. Classes can be held regionally or on-site with a client or at one of the Dresser-Rand training facilities and can be customized to accommodate any skill level and class size.

The courses cover the full range of Dresser-Rand products from reciprocating compressors and integral engines to steam turbine and turbomachinery products.


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