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Advanced AUV Upgrades for Pipeline Inspection and GeoHazard Surveys


C & C Technologies has enhanced its AUV technology to address the needs for pipeline inspection.  C & C has made inspection-class upgrades to its C-Surveyor™ line of AUVs to include a new multibeam system, a laser bathymetry system, and a magnetometer.  C & C has currently upgraded two of its four AUVs, with a third to be completed by Summer 2015.  Inspection surveys, currently performed by an ROV at ½ knot per hour in deepwater, can now be accomplished at AUV speeds of 3.5-to-4 knots.


Accelerate Exploration Data Access With Flash Storage


This webinar, sponsored by HGST, will explore the interfaces, server appliances, integration and configuration of flash storage, consider the advantages and limitations of PCIe, SAS and SATA, and show how SSD’s reliability, performance, data integrity and direct application access break the I/O bottleneck for massive performance and productivity gains over HDD.


Trends in Real-Time Operations: Best Practices for Asset Integrity and Secure Information Management


This webcast, presented by Thinklogical, examines best practices for the design of the underlying system to securely control, manage and distribute the flow of video, data and other information to, from and within the Real-Time Operating Center for greater productivity and increased efficiencies.


Offshore Engineering in the Concordia Wreck Removal Project


In this webinar, TECON, design contractor in the Titan-Micoperi joint venture, will discuss how they used Bentley’s SACS software for the structural analysis of the six underwater platforms onto which the vessel was raised. Utilizing experience gained over 40 years in engineering for installations of large offshore structures, TECON relied on Bentley’s offshore solution to design the critical structures that allowed the wreck to be successfully righted intact from the environmentally sensitive reef.